More abouts us!

More abouts us!
4 май 2020

1. Introduce yourself!

My name is Kalin Kushev and I’m the owner and founder of the specialized wine shop “Tempus Vini Wine Point”. My passion for wine started 6 years ago and this hobby turned naturally into a calm wine place, where we can taste different wines and talk about them.

2. Tell us the story behind your bar…

We started in 2016 with the idea to showcase interesting and rare wines of small family wineries and wine projects. The emphasis is on Bulgarian wines but we also have international wine selection from the Old and the New World, including some not so popular wine destinations such as Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Lebanon. So far, our wine list contains 480 wines, but we expect the number to exceed 500 soon.

We are trying to offer to our customers various and exciting wines and to bust some existing myths about Bulgarian wine. Another important part of our activity are the wine tastings that we organize. Through them the new wines and the small wine projects reach the final customers. We are really happy when the people behind the wine, owners, winemakers (very often they are the same person) meet with our guests and talk passionately about their product. This lays a solid foundation for wine culture, a desire to upgrade one’s knowledge, an interest in trying new wines and varieties.

3. What is the role of wine bars/shops in wine tourism?

The increase in the number of tourists (before COVID-19) is noticeable each year. We organize wine tastings for up to 10 people during which we present to the guests of our capital typical Bulgarian white and red varieties. Most visitors have never heard about Bulgarian traditions in winemaking and our local wines. We are especially pleased when groups are coming to taste Bulgarian wines straight from the airport. At the end we recommend them to visit local restaurants with traditional or modern Bulgarian cuisine for a full evening experience. Wine, as an integral part of the culinary and historic image of Bulgaria, should be promoted in specialized shops, good bars and restaurants. It is important to have bigger choice of Bulgarian wines in wine lists, various varieties and styles of wines by the glass. There is more to be desired from a marketing and advertisement perspective when it comes to wine and wine tourism. Bulgaria has a lot to show to the world with its wines and traditional dishes.

In the answer to the previous question I mentioned the tastings that we do for wine lovers. Our regular customers are looking forward to tasting a new winery or a variety which they have never tried before. For instance, we presented to our clients for the first time the rare grape variety Storgosia from a wine cellar around the town of Vidin. The wine was very well received and quickly became a favorite for our clients. We expect an excellent Aligote from a cellar close to Stara Zagora very soon. Aligote is a Burgundy white variety with more than 300 years of history, which was cultivated largely in our country in the past, but is almost forgotten after the changes here. The wine comes from a 65 years-old vineyard and it impresses with its fruity structure and high acidity.

4. After the restrictions are lifted, what will be the first thing that you would like to do in your wine bar/wine shop?

Of course, we will do a lot of tastings! There are so many wines to be opened and tasted; people are already asking which wines will be tasted when the situation calms down. Expect many pleasant wine surprises.

5. What are your customers usually looking for in a wine?

We are delighted that our clients have special attitude to wine, they are interested in various literature. They travel very often and they are open to experiment with new wines. More and more clients are discovering or rediscovering Bulgarian varieties such as Storgosia, Gergana, Gamza, Vrachanski Misket, etc. In most cases the customers are impressed by the quality of the local varieties. There is also increasing interest for sparkling wines from local varieties. When it comes to special occasions, the wine choice becomes an emotion and we are happy to help people choose the perfect wine for their celebration.

Foreign tourists are mainly looking for local varieties – mainly the reds such as Mavrud, Melnik, Rubin, but when they try the whites such as Tamyanka, Sandanski Misket, they are fascinated by them and they want wines to be delivered to their homes.

6. Describe Bulgarian wine in 5 words…

Wine with potential waiting to be discovered!

19 октомври 2020
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